In the News: A Clipping Service – March 21, 2011

In this edition of In the News:

  • The Miracle of New Orleans
  • New Orleans Charter School Performance
  • LA Board of Regents’ Report UNO, SUNO and Delgado
  • U.S. Outnumbers Rest of World in High (and Low) Achievers
  • The Focus is on Teachers
  • Detroit: 41 Charters in Six Months?
  • It’s That Time Again

The Miracle of New Orleans

Educate Now! wants to share some good news about New Orleans and its recovery.

The New Orleans Miracle
Site Selection
– March 10, 2011
This positive article on New Orleans, published by an international magazine for expansion planning decision-makers (CEOs, facility planners, corporate real estate executives), talks about the region’s recovery, growth, and tremendous economic potential.

Greater New Orleans at the Inflection Point
GNO, Inc.
– March 17, 2011
This 5 minute video on New Orleans is worth the time!  GNO, Inc. looks at the region’s economic recovery and our tremendous potential for new economic diversity and strength. New Orleans is at an “Inflection Point” – on the brink of rapid acceleration in key areas such as entrepreneurship, human talent, positive perception, and business development.

New Orleans Charter School Performance

Most New Orleans Charter Schools Outperform Traditional Schools
The Times-Picayune
– March 18, 2011
A new study from Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) compared standardized test scores for the RSD’s traditionally-run schools with those of 44 New Orleans charter schools. It found that the majority of independent charter schools are improving student performance in reading and/or math at a notably faster rate than traditionally-run schools.

LA Board of Regents’ Report on UNO, SUNO and Delgado

A Study of the Postsecondary Education Needs of the New Orleans Region
National Center for Higher Education Management Systems
– March 15, 2011
This report studies the public postsecondary educational opportunities in our region and at the end recommends two possible structures. It also contains a wealth of information, including projected population by age, race and parish, employment by occupation, per capita income by race and parish, and postsecondary enrollment trends by institution.

U.S. Outnumbers Rest of World in High (and Low) Achievers

American Achievement in International Perspective
Fordham Institute
– March 15, 2011
While the percentage of U.S. high achieving students lags behind many other countries, the U.S. outpaces most of the world in the number of high performing students. In reading and math, the U.S. produces more high achievers than France, Germany, and the United Kingdom combined. Unfortunately, the U.S. also produces far more low achieving students than many countries, including Mexico and Turkey.

The Focus is on Teachers

Teacher Preparation Is Essential to TFA’s Future
Education Week
– March 14, 2011
Linda Darling-Hammond’s spin on Teach For America: Although Teach For America has a highly successful recruitment model, its training program often leaves recruits unprepared for the classroom. Hammond argues that if we are to create schools in which all children succeed, we should marry TFA’s powerful teacher recruitment model with supports that enable teachers to become effective and to stay in the profession.

Kan. Pension Woes Incite Fight Over School Funding
The Associated Press
– March 14, 2011
A Kansas plan to take money out of classrooms to pay retirees’ benefits highlights a national problem – underfunded state pensions – and the national debate over what is “fair” when it comes to teacher retirement. In 2012, Louisiana school districts will be paying 23.7% of payroll costs to the Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana.

KIPP and Teachers’ Union Reach Deal for Baltimore Schools
Education Week
– March 16, 2011
In Baltimore, after a contentious debate, KIPP schools and the Baltimore Teachers Union came to a 10-year agreement: KIPP will shorten the school day from 9½ hours to 9 hours and will also reduce teacher pay from 20.5% above the district pay scale to 20% above.

Detroit: 41 Charters in Six Months?

DPS Plan to Convert 41 Schools to Charters Bold, but Will It Work?
Detroit Free Press
– March 20, 2011
Budget deficits and declining enrollment have led Detroit Public Schools to propose converting 41 schools (an unprecedented 30%) to charters in the next six months. While charter advocates and operators praise Detroit’s sense of urgency, they express concerns over whether Detroit can get quality charter operators in place in such a short amount of time.

It’s That Time Again

High-Stakes Testing Season Begins
The Advocate
– March 16, 2011
On Tuesday, March 22, fourth- and eighth-graders in Louisiana public schools will take the first part of their high-stakes LEAP test. Educate Now! wishes all students and schools good luck!