School Facilities Master Plan

The School Facilities Master Plan is a blueprint for an unprecedented school construction program that began as a result of the devastating impact of Hurricane Katrina. The Master Plan outlines how the city will spend almost $2 billion in federal funding on new school construction and building renovations.

Listed below, from newest to oldest, are updates and different versions  of the School Facilities Master Plan. For more information, view the Recovery School District’s Master Plan page.

June 2013 – New Orleans School Facilities Update

Read the Cowen Institute’s latest report on the School Facilities Master Plan for Orleans Parish, including updated costs, budgets, and anticipated funding.

March 2012 – Blue Ribbon Commission Members Selected

As called for in the amended School Facilities Master Plan, OPSB and the RSD have formed a commission to develop recommendations for how future capital improvements and maintenance needs, which were not addressed by the School Facilities Master Plan, should be managed. Seven local community members, representing a cross section of business and industry, have been selected to serve on the commission.

December 2011 – RSD Announces Final Long-Term Building Assignments

The Recovery School District (RSD) announces the final building assignments for schools currently operating in temporary space.

November 2011 – RSD Announces Recommended School Building Assignments

The RSD announces their recommended school building assignments for schools that are currently in temporary locations and schedules community meetings to receive input.

Fall 2011 – School Facilities Master Plan Approved by BESE and OPSB

In the face of public criticism of their Summer 2011 version of the School Facilities Master Plan, the RSD and OPSB went back to the drawing board to do a better job of serving all students and maximizing the funds available for rebuilding schools. The latest revisions identify new funding and cost savings, allowing more buildings to be renovated, and it proposes that every student in New Orleans will be taught in a new or renovated building when the construction program is completed in 2016. This version has been approved by the Orleans parish School Board and the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, paving the way for the next phase of school construction.

View the approved version of the Master Plan
View the latest Capital Construction Reports

Summer 2011 – Revised School Facilities Master Plan

This revised Facilities Master Plan includes plans for 72 school buildings, but we currently have 82 schools in New Orleans (OPSB and RSD combined) plus three Type 2 charters housed in RSD buildings. Where will the other schools be housed? It is important that education and community leaders pay attention to this issue and voice their opinions before the revisions are finalized.

View the revised plan
View the Guide to Proposed Master Plan Amendments
Attend a public hearing

January 2011 – School Facilities Master Plan Demographic Update

This study conducted by GCR & Associates for the OPSB and RSD takes census data and school enrollment numbers to create a 10-year forecast of population and student enrollment by neighborhood and by school “catchment area.”

December 2010 – RSD’s Revised Plan for Long-Term Building Assignments

The Recovery School District has updated its plan for housing its 70 schools, many of which are still located in modulars or in ancient buildings in desperate need of repairs.

March 2009 – School Facilities Master Plan Oversight Committee

Both BESE and OPSB have approved creating an Oversight Committee to provide assurance to the public that the School Facilities Master Plan for Orleans Parish will be effectively monitored and implemented.

November 2008 – Revised Master Plan

The Amended Facility Master Plan, “The Blueprint for Building 21st Century Schools for New Orleans,” was approved by both the Orleans Parish School Board, and the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education [BESE].

September 2008 – Bureau of Governmental Research Report on School Facilities Master Plan

Comments, concerns, and recommendations from the Bureau of Governmental Research on the costs and financing for the School Facilities Master Plan.

August 2008 – Original School Facilities Master Plan

School Facilities Master Plan for Orleans Parish. Master Plan Summary includes: planning vision and parameters, planning process, enrollment projections and capacity methodology, facilities assessment and CADD space inventory, community engagement, recommendations, and proposed projects.