ICYMI: What’s New in 2017-18

In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) … Your mini news clippings

What’s New in 2017-18

Work will begin to create a new high school Career and Technical Center that will provide advanced training for interested students in fields like health sciences, IT, and skilled crafts or trades. The center has secured initial grant funding and is working with the Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB) to develop a sustainable funding plan. 

OPSB and the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office are launching new education program for young inmates at the Orleans Justice Center, with a new high school diploma track and additional classrooms to serve more students. 

The Times-Picayune looks at the new school line up for 2017-18, including which schools are opening this fall and which have closed. There are now 86 public schools in New Orleans – 41 overseen by OPSB, 38 overseen by RSD, and 7 statewide charters overseen by BESE. 

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2017 ACT and EOC Results


The state has released ACT and End of Course test scores for 2016-17. New Orleans schools (OPSB + RSD) held steady on the ACT, but the results for End of Course Tests were disappointing.

  • The average ACT Composite Score was 18.9, the same as in 2015-16. The state’s Composite Score increased slightly from 19.5 to 19.6.
  • The percentage of students scoring Excellent or Good on End of Course tests (EOCs) went down from 58% in 2015-16 to 52% in 2016-17. The state fell from 62% to 61%.

Other Highlights

  • The percentage of students scoring 18 or above on the ACT went up slightly to 54%, a 1 point increase from last year and a 5 point increase since 2013. The state also increased 1 percentage point over last year, from 62% to 63%, and 3 points since 2013.
Gains in Percent of Students Scoring 18 or Above on the ACT
  • New Orleans’ African American students continue to outperform the state, with an ACT Composite Score of 17.8 compared to a state score of 17.5. The national Composite Score for African American students last year was 17. (National data is not yet available for 2016-17.)

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