2015 EOC Results – New Orleans ties the state!

New Orleans high school performance on End-of-Course tests (EOCs) continues to improve.
  • New Orleans citywide, including Type 2 charters, is now performing at the state average.
  • New Orleans is the 5th most improved district in the state.
  • OPSB and RSD-NO combined is in the top 50% statewide and is ranked of #31 out of 69 parishes. This is the first academic ranking where New Orleans is in the top half of the state!
Percent Proficient on EOCs
* Includes all New Orleans Schools – OPSB, RSD-NO, and two Type 2 charters.

Shout Outs!

Congratulations to these ten open-admissions high schools that scored above the state average of 62%.

School Name 2015
% Proficient
New Orleans Charter Science and Math HS 77%
New Orleans Military/Maritime Academy 75%
Warren Easton Senior High School 74%
Edna Karr High School 72%
Sci Academy 72%
Cohen College Prep 69%
Dr. Martin Luther King Charter School 67%
International High School 66%
KIPP Renaissance High School 65%
G. W. Carver Collegiate Academy 64%

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