ICYMI: 10th Anniversary Data Available on DOE Website

In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) … Your mini news clipping

The Louisiana Department of Education has created a special webpage with information on RSD and OPSB schools from 2004 to the present. 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Education Landscape Today includes analyses and data on enrollment and demographics, academic outcomes, high school performance, African-American student performance, students with disabilities, school facilities and ensuring equitable access for all students.

Congratulations to the class of 2015! Watch highlights from the second annual Senior Shout Out, a celebration of the 2,500 New Orleans seniors who received $75 million in scholarships and are going to over 300 colleges and universities.

The Times-Picayune takes a comprehensive look at changes in special education since Katrina, beginning with An introduction, and continuing with What happened after the storm?, One child learns to love school, Graduation rates rise and other successes, Problems that remain, and Is there life after high school?

More than halfway through its four-year term, OPSB received a mixed performance review from Forward New Orleans Schools. This Midterm Progress Report says OPSB has made some progress on key issues but not enough.

The Advocate agrees with the results of the most recent Cowen Institute poll: Most residents believe charter schools have improved education in New Orleans.

Gov. Jindal comes out in support of the Common Core compromise as the bills in the compromise sail through the Legislature.

A nearly $3.7 billion financing formula for Louisiana’s public schools that would provide a 1.4% inflationary increase next year won unanimous support from House lawmakers.

OPSB approved two new charters, FirstLine Columbia Parc and Rooted School. The board turned down applications from Young Audiences, AMIkids, Noble Minds and Access Career and Technical Academy.

Shout Outs!

Andre Perry finds evidence of New Orleans education success in Edna Karr’s graduating class of 2015.

Erica Mariola, an elementary teacher at KIPP East Community Primary, is one of four national winners of the $25,000 Fishman Prize for Superlative Classroom Practice from The New Teacher Project (TNTP). To watch TNTP surprise Mariola in her classroom, click here.
Eight New Orleans educators win Excellence in Teaching Awards from New Schools for New Orleans. Each winner will receive $2,000.

  • Tara Coleman, middle school special education teacher at Esperanza Charter School
  • Susan Harvey, 1st grade teacher at Mary McLeod Bethune School of Literature and Technology
  • Jamie Irish, 9th-12th grade math teacher at KIPP Renaissance High School
  • Jim Kline, 12th grade Seminar in Innovation and Change teacher at Sci Academy
  • Troy Lawson, 3rd grade science and social studies teacher at Crocker College Prep
  • Martha Mason, 4th grade English Language Arts teacher at Martin Behrman Charter School
  • Elizabeth Sepanik, kindergarten teacher at Lusher Charter School
  • Ford Stevens, 6th grade math teacher at KIPP Central City Academy