New Orleans Celebrates Our Graduates

Friday was Senior Shout Out Day for all New Orleans public high schools to celebrate our 2,500 Seniors, 300 Colleges and $75 million in scholarships.

senior shout out 2015It was a truly inspiring day with graduates from every public high school in attendance.

Educate Now! congratulates and thanks the educators who impacted and helped shape these young people. Thank you for what you do every day.

I urge you to read Danielle Dreilinger’s story on the event: They’re off to College, and New Orleans Celebrates as well as this story from NBC News.

Educate Now! also thanks the City Council for recognizing our graduates.

Councilman at Large Jason Williams read the following:

WHEREAS, New Orleans has more than 46,000 students and over 2,600 high school seniors in twenty public high schools across the city;

WHEREAS, high school students and educators are working hard every day to achieve excellence;

WHEREAS, their efforts have increased the high school graduation rate to 73 percent;

WHEREAS, New Orleans now outperforms both the state and the nation in the percentage of black males graduating on time;

WHEREAS, New Orleans now outperforms the state in the percentage of students with special needs graduating;

WHEREAS, more of our graduates now qualify for TOPS and other college scholarships;

WHEREAS, more of our graduates are now attending college;

WHEREAS, our seniors have demonstrated hard work, commitment and perseverance;

WHEREAS, Educators across the city, the Orleans Parish School Board and the Recovery School District will continue to ensure a better future for graduates of New Orleans high schools for generations to come.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANScelebrates all of the New Orleans public high schools, both charter and direct run, and commends students, families, educators and administrators for their accomplishments, and looks forward to the witnessing the continued success of the graduating class of 2015.

Next year, I urge you to attend Senior Shout Out Day. It is why we do what we do.