New SPS Calculations for 2012-13 School Year

When School Performance Scores (SPS) are released this fall (2012 scores), they will be based on the same formula as in the past, except the score for a failing school increases from 65 to 75.

Next year at this time, however, the 2013 School Performance Scores will be calculated very differently. Here are some of the highlights:

Scale: The simplified scale will run between 150 and 0. (Currently it runs from 200 to 0.)

School Grades: An SPS of 100 will equal an A; an SPS of less than 50 will equal an F.

K-8 Schools:

  • LEAP and iLeap – Schools will not receive points for scores below Basic; English and math test scores will be double weighted for all grades.
  • Attendance – Will not be part of the SPS calculation.

High Schools: The changes in calculating the SPS for high schools are more significant.

  • The new scale includes 4 components of equal weight: End of Course (EOC) tests, Graduation Index (revised), Cohort Graduation Rate (new), and ACT tests (new).
  • End of Course Tests – Schools will not receive points for scores of Fair or below.
  • ACT – Schools will not receive points for scores below 18.
  • Graduation Index – Will includes points for AP and IB classes but no longer give points for TOPS and TOPS Tech scholarships, nor for diploma endorsements.

Growth: Schools will no longer have growth targets. Instead, they will be recognized for growth if they grow 10 points (schools B or below) or grow 5 points (A schools).

These are just some of the changes. Educate Now! encourages you to review this DOE overview for more of the details.