Drop Out Rate Cut by 60% Since Katrina

The annual drop out rate1 for New Orleans public schools (OPSB + RSD) has plummeted 60% since Katrina, falling from 11.4% in 2004-05 to 4.1% in 2010-11.

At current enrollment, this translates into 900 fewer dropouts per year.

We Continue to Close the Gap!

New Orleans’ drop out rate is now down to the state average. In 2004-05, we had the state’s third highest drop out rate.

Percent of Students Dropping Out of School
Grades 9-12

Drop Outs by Type of School

Within the RSD, charter schools are succeeding in keeping kids in school, with a drop out rate that is less than the state average.

School Year District Grades
9-12 Number of Students
9-12 Number of
Drop Outs
Drop Outs
2010-11    RSD-NO Direct-Run Schools 3999 362 9.1%
2010-11    RSD-NO Charter Schools 3312 99 3.0%
2010-11    All OPSB Schools (Direct-run and Charter) 5141 55 1.1%
2010-11    All New Orleans 12452 516 4.1%
2010-11    State of Louisiana 194283 7997 4.1%

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1The annual drop out rate compares all students who were enrolled in school as of October 1 in one year and are NOT enrolled as of October 1 the following year. Any student no longer enrolled who does not have a valid exit code (graduated, transferred schools, etc.) is considered a drop out. Some of these students might re-enroll at a later date, so the annual drop out rate may overstate the drop out problem.