It’s Official – The DPS for New Orleans is 83.2

(higher than Educate Now!’s projection earlier this month)

The Louisiana Department of Education has released the official combined District Performance Score for New Orleans schools – 83.2.

#1 In Growth Since 2005
District Performance Scores = All students, all grades, all tests

Educate Now! compared District Performance Scores of the 4 largest districts in the state.

2005 2011 Gain
New Orleans 56.9 83.2 26.3
East Baton Rouge 73.1 86.2 13.1
Jefferson 74.3 88.2 13.9
Caddo (Shreveport) 82.3 88.5 6.2

While New Orleans still lags a bit, the large districts are all clustered within 5 points of each other. Our challenge will be to see if over the next 2-3 years we can surpass the “clustering” of these larger districts. Educate Now! is optimistic we will!