Critical BESE Elections this Saturday – Oct. 22, 2011

Educate Now! strongly encourages everyone to Vote this Saturday. Every vote counts – especially since voter turnout is expected to be light.

The BESE elections are critically important because they will impact the future of public schools in New Orleans.

Candidate Profiles

District 2: There are four candidates for District 2, which covers most of Orleans, parts of Jefferson, St. John, St. James, St. Charles and Assumption (incumbent Louella Givens).

The Times-Picayune Profiles District 2 Candidates

Council for a Better Louisiana: Meet the District 2 Candidates

District 1: There are three candidates for District 1, which covers parts of Orleans, most of Jefferson, and St. Tammany (incumbent Jim Garvey).

The Times-Picayune Profiles District 1 Candidates

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2011 Scores are In — New Orleans is #1 in Growth!

Since 2005, New Orleans has improved more than
any other school district in Louisiana.

District Performance Highlights

Educate Now! calculates that the combined DPS for New Orleans should be around 82.4. This means that New Orleans has grown a stunning 25.5 points – 49% – between 2005 and 2011!

#1 in Growth Since 2005
District Performance Score = All students, all grades, all tests

The 2011 combined DPS for New Orleans was calculated by Educate Now!

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