Orleans Public School Enrollment Continues to Climb with Increase in Diversity and Charter Choice

The Louisiana Department of Education has released the student enrollment data for the 2010-11 school year.

The remarkable gains in student academic performance since 2005 are accompanied by a steady increase in student enrollment, from 35,995 students in 2008, and 38,051 in 2009, to 39,877 this year. 

The data reflect that the student population is more diverse, with the percentage of non-African American students growing from 6.6% before Katrina to 11.3% this year.

Additionally, the percentage of students attending charter schools increased sizably, from 61% last year to 71% this year.

The most significant takeaway from this data is that as student enrollment continues to increase, schools are slowly becoming more integrated and parents are overwhelmingly choosing charter schools.

While 71% of all New Orleans public school students attend charter schools,  77% of students enrolled in grades K-8 attend charter schools.

At some point in time, the notion of charters ‘cherry picking’ students is going to have to be retired. Over three-quarters of elementary and middle school students are attending charters, and it is time to recognize that charters serve all students.

According to data released by the state:

1. Total Enrollment in Orleans public schools continues to steadily increase:

2008 – 35,995

2009 – 38,051

2010 – 39,877

2. Percent of African American Students dominates other demographic groups, although the student body is slowly becoming more diverse.  In 2005, 93.4% percent of the public school students were African American.

2008 90.3%

2009 – 90.0%

2010 – 88.7%

3. The percentage of students qualifying for free and reduced lunch has increased from 2005 when 79% of students qualified for free and reduced lunch:

2008 83%

2009 83%

2010 84%

4. The percent of students enrolled in grades K-12 in charter schools is rapidly increasing:

2008 – 57%

2009 – 61%

2010 – 71%

Download the October 1, 2010 Student Enrollment information.