In the News: A Clipping Service – August 30, 2010

In this edition of In the News:

  • New Orleans Schools in the National Spotlight
  • Vigil for Peace at N.O. College Prep on August 31st

New Orleans Schools in the National Spotlight
National coverage of the 5th anniversary of Katrina has included many stories about New Orleans public schools. We know we didn’t catch them all, but here is a sampling of the national news stories from the past week.

After the Deluge, A New Education System
Wall Street Journal
– August 30, 2010
In this guest editorial, Leslie Jacobs examines the emergence of the most market-driven public school system in the country.

New Orleans’ School Miracle
The Daily Beast – August 29, 2010
The transformation of New Orleans public schools to a mostly charter system gives us the opportunity to go beyond the traditional charter debate of “Are charters good or bad?” and instead ask “Why are some charters great while others are weak?”

The State of New Orleans
The New York Times
– August 29, 2010
Despite Katrina, the recession and the Gulf oil spill, New Orleans is emerging as a model of rebirth and reinvention.

After Katrina, How Charter Schools Helped Recast New Orleans Education
Christian Science Monitor
– August 29, 2010
Charter schools are one reason New Orleans has made such dramatic gains in student performance since the storm.

Students After Katrina
– August 27, 2010
Anderson Cooper talks to New Orleans students from Thurgood Marshall Early College High School about the future of their city and surviving Hurricane Katrina.

Post-Katrina, New Orleans Rescues a Drowning Public School System
Huffington Post
– August 27, 2010
From a notoriously corrupt and under-performing district, Orleans Parish is now a model for struggling school districts around the nation.

Mix of Approaches Improve New Orleans Schools
Black America Web
– August 27, 2010
Almost every type of education reform you can imagine is taking place in New Orleans right now. The reforms have brought successes and their own unique challenges.

Public Schools See Post-Katrina Turnaround
NBC News
– August 27, 2010
The education revolution taking place in New Orleans is making good news out of bad.

Necessity Is the Mother of Invention
– August 26, 2010
Forced to rebuild literally from the ground up after Katrina, New Orleans has created a school system unlike any other in the nation.

Kids Face Differing Realities In New Orleans Schools
– August 24, 2010
Two New Orleans teens have had very different school experiences since Katrina.

New Orleans Education System Remade After Hurricane
– August 24, 2010
NPR looks at the current state of New Orleans schools, including student achievement, charter schools, the use of security guards, and whether New Orleans can be a model for the rest of the country.

New Orleans Schools Seize Post-Katrina Momentum
Education Week
– August 24, 2010
New Orleans finds itself with a transformed educational system – more a collection of schools – that continues to evolve.

Vigil for Peace at N.O. College Prep on August 31st

Everyone is encouraged to attend a Vigil For Peace on Tuesday, August 31 at 7:30 p.m. Location: New Orleans College Prep, 3127 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., New Orleans.

In the wake of a double shooting just outside their school, the administration, faculty, parents and students of New Orleans College Prep at Sylvanie Williams urge, “We must stand as one voice against violence. Let the city know we will keep our schools and our community safe.”