In the News: June 30, 2013

In this edition of In the News:

  • Conflict Escalates at OPSB
  • CREDO: Charters Outperforming Traditional Schools
  • RSD Updates
  • Louisiana Headlines
  • National Education Stories
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Conflict Escalates at OPSB

Community: Orleans Parish School Board should focus on superintendent search, not politics
Times-Picayune – June 29, 2013
Recent actions by the Orleans Parish School Board have left many in the community astounded and perplexed, particularly by OPSB President, Ira Thomas. Even those who support Thomas’ views say he has failed to step up, lead a bigger conversation, and bring together people with opposing views. “I don’t know what he stands for. Nobody does,” says Andre Perry. Continue reading

In the News: June 16, 2013

In this edition of In the News:

  • Ira Thomas: The Saga Continues
  • Louisiana Headlines
  • Poor Voucher Performance
  • RSD in the News
  • National Education Stories
  • OPSB Updates
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Ira Thomas: The Saga Continues 

Orleans Parish School Board president’s SUNO job description not valid, university says
Times-Picayune – June 7, 2013
OPSB President Ira Thomas could be violating state law by serving on the Orleans Parish School Board while also working as Police Chief for Southern University at New Orleans (a state entity). The question is whether the law’s educational exemption applies. It allows dual office holding if the person “is employed in a professional educational capacity.” Continue reading

News Alert: K-12 Gets Increase in Funding

Louisiana House and Senate negotiators have struck a deal on the state budget that includes an additional $68 million for K-12 education:

  • $34 million for a teacher pay raise (not a one-time bonus)
  • $34 million for local school districts to spend as needed

There is a commitment by all parties to include this funding in the 2014-15 MFP, so this increase is not a one-time appropriation.

The House and Senate will vote on the proposed changes today, and Governor Jindal has said he supports the plan. The session officially ends tonight at 6:00 pm.

For more, read this article in the Times-Picayune.

In the News – June 2, 2013

In this edition of In the News:

  • Legislative and Legal Updates
  • Other Louisiana News
  • Common Core Updates
  • National Headlines
  • Local Stories

Legislative and Legal Updates 

The Louisiana Supreme Court vacated the district court ruling that Act 1 (teacher evaluation and tenure) was a dual-object bill. Essentially, the justices want the district court judge to reconsider his ruling on Act 1 based on the fact that the Supreme Court recently ruled Act 2 (school choice) was a single object.

Louisiana’s legislative session ends this Thursday (June 6th). Here’s what’s happening on the K-12 Education front:

Act 2: Financial Implications of the Supreme Court’s ruling that vouchers and Course Choice could not be funded through the MFP and that the 2012-13 MFP resolution was not legally adopted.

Continue reading