In the News: February 4, 2013

In this Edition of In the News:

Spotlight on (and off) New Orleans

New Orleans received great press during the Super Bowl weekend. Some highlights include:

The Real Super Bowl Winner
Wall Street Journal – February 1, 2013
The Wall Street Journal captures the sense of optimism that abounds in today’s New Orleans. They point to education reforms, a balanced city budget, the influx of new business start-ups and recent college graduates, and a relatively low jobless rate of 4.7% as just some of the reasons New Orleans has to celebrate.

Katrina spurs transformation of New Orleans schools
CBS News – February 1, 2013
Mayor Mitch Landrieu talks to CBS News about rebuilding the public school system after Katrina. Landrieu says New Orleans had the opportunity to create something almost from scratch, and the mostly charter system has made great academic gains, closing the gap with state averages in a very short period of time.

The blackout during the game was an unfortunate incident that marred an otherwise picture-perfect weekend. Click here to read what the national media is saying about the blackout.