2012 School Performance Scores Released

Major improvement in New Orleans’ Ranking
#1 in growth since 2005

  • Since 2005, the District Performance Score (DPS) for New Orleans has grown an astonishing 36.8 points, more than any other district in the state.
  • For the first time, New Orleans has a higher DPS than both East Baton Rouge and Caddo (Shreveport) Parishes.
  • New Orleans has closed the gap with the state average by 70%. In 2005, New Orleans was over 30 points behind the state. In 2012, New Orleans is only 9.1 points behind the state.

District Performance Scores for the
Four Largest Districts in Louisiana

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Gap Closing Continues

TOPS Scholarships and ACT Scores on the Rise

Educate Now! has reviewed the 2012 TOPS data, and the percent of public school graduates eligible for TOPS scholarships in Orleans Parish is now higher than in Jefferson and East Baton Rouge parishes.

  • In 2012, 38.8% of Orleans Parish public school graduates were eligible for TOPS scholarships (two- or four-year).
  • 36.6% of East Baton Rouge graduates and 38.4% of Jefferson graduates were eligible.

New Orleans continues to close the gap with the state average.

  • Since 2005, the percent of Orleans Parish graduates eligible for TOPS has grown 13.9 percentage points, from 24.9% in 2005 to 38.8% in 2012.
  • During this same time, the state average grew only 5.3 percentage points, from 37.3% in 2005 to 42.6% in 2012.

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