ICYMI: The Atlantic looks at the Lost Children of Katrina

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The Atlantic looks at the Lost Children of Katrina – the New Orleans children who spent years after Katrina in a nomadic exile that severely disrupted their education.

In response to the latest CREDO study, Fortune Magazine says urban charter schools are succeeding – so get out of their way. In cities where charters are achieving significant gains, enrollment opportunities should be expanded so more kids can take advantage of them.

Common Core is unpopular in Louisiana when you call it Common Core Academic Standards, an LSU survey finds, but 67% of citizens and 71% of Republicans support the concept when it is just referred to as “academic standards.”

Good Authorizing

New Orleans is cited as an example of a system that works in this USA Today column about the importance of shutting down bad charter schools.

In Peter Cook’s opinion, New Orleans is model of oversight, accountability, and cooperation.

Giving Students More Options

Nearly half of all students graduating with a four-year degree in the 2013-14 school year had some experience within a two-year institution. The idea that there is only one path to a four-year degree is antiquated.

There’s no correlation between a college degree and coding ability according to Pegged, a talent identification company that reviews over 10,000 IT resumes per year.

Across the country, schools are raising the bar for vocational education and creating programs that emphasize both careers and college. One vocational school in Waco, Texas isguaranteeing its students will find a highly paid job after graduation.

NPR interviews Jonathan Johnson, a New Orleans educator who is piloting a program called Rooted School that will connect schooling to opportunities in technology and other industry clusters.

National Stories

Senate Education leaders have unveiled a bipartisan compromise bill that would rewrite No Child Left Behind.

Success Academy Charter Schools in Harlem have achieved impressive academic results, but their methods are controversial according to this New York Times article. Editor’s note: The author did not include the fact that the recent Success Academy Charter Schools lotteries had more than 22,000 children vie for just over 2,300 openings. Clearly, there are many parents who think Success is a good fit for their child.

Nevada is looking at ways to turn around failing schools and cites Louisiana’s Recovery School district as an example of success.


Under New Management: Hear new OPSB Superintendent Henderson Lewis Jr. speak about the future of Orleans Parish schools. Make a reservation via email or call (504) 525-4152, ext. 101.

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