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Schools Need Your Help

Times-Picayune and Gambit have both come out in support of the school facility millage on December 6th. Before the flood, many schools in New Orleans were old and in deplorable shape because of years of deferred maintenance. There was no dedicated stream of revenue for repairs. It would be a terrible waste to allow that to happen again […]

News Alert: Supreme Court Dismisses Fired Teacher Lawsuit

The Louisiana Supreme Court has dismissed the lawsuit by OPSB teachers and staff who said they were illegally terminated after Hurricane Katrina. Read more in this Times-Picayune article. And for those who are interested, the ruling contains a very good summary of the events post Katrina.  

2014 School Scores Released

School Performance Scores Released 2013-14 a stand still year New Orleans hit the pause button this year. After 7 years of robust growth in school performance, 2013-14 remained flat.  Variability in School Scores While overall city performance was unchanged, individual school scores varied a great deal from 2013 to 2014. Of the 63 schools that […]

In the News – RSD Responds to Civil Rights Complaint

RSD Increases Opportunities for Minority Students It’s clear: RSD has increased opportunities for minority students In this letter to the U.S. Department of Education, the RSD outlines how its turnaround strategy has increased educational opportunities for minority students. The RSD serves the majority of African American students in the city. It has seen gains in […]

In the News – October 5, 2014

NOLA High Schools  Most New Orleans public high schools beat the odds, study says Edit: On October 10, 2014, the Cowen Institute retracted this report saying its methodology was flawed. For more, click here. Louisiana Headlines Louisiana has second-strongest charter school initiative in the U.S., report says Louisiana’s charter schools ranked as the second strongest according […]

Diversity in School Choice

This guest editorial appeared on edited it for length, but the full version appears below. New Orleans charter schools are all the same? Not true: Leslie Jacobs One key component of New Orleans’ innovative school model is school choice. When schools have to compete for students, they have to perform well or students […]

In the News – NOLA Wins Kennedy Center Grant

N.O. Wins Grant for Arts Education New Orleans Wins Prestigious Planning Grant for Arts Education The Kennedy Center has selected New Orleans as the newest city for its Ensuring the Arts for Any Given Child initiative, a program designed to help cities address the urgent need to restore arts education in schools. Beginning this month, Kennedy […]

In the News – A Student’s Point of View

A Student’s Point of View Q&A: One Student’s Educational Saga In New Orleans NPR reports on high school senior Whitman Wilcox, who attended five schools in nine years, beginning with an elementary school in the 9th Ward, followed by a Catholic school in Houston after Katrina, two New Orleans charters, and ending as a senior […]

In the News – September 4, 2014

New Orleans Stories Stop Saying Market-Based Reform. Please. In the debate over education reform, the RSD represents either the shining star or cautionary tale of so-called market-based reform efforts. Peter Cook says the RSD isn’t really a market-based model: There are high “barriers to entry” for charter school operators; competition doesn’t force low-performing schools out […]

New Orleans Schools: Then and Now

In honor of the 9 year anniversary of Katrina, Danielle Dreilinger compiled a snapshot of New Orleans schools then and now. For those of you who were here before Katrina, it may bring back some interesting memories. For those of you who have moved here since the storm, thanks for being part of the recovery […]