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In the News – A Student’s Point of View

A Student’s Point of View Q&A: One Student’s Educational Saga In New Orleans NPR reports on high school senior Whitman Wilcox, who attended five schools in nine years, beginning with an elementary school in the 9th Ward, followed by a Catholic school in Houston after Katrina, two New Orleans charters, and ending as a senior […]

In the News – September 4, 2014

New Orleans Stories Stop Saying Market-Based Reform. Please. In the debate over education reform, the RSD represents either the shining star or cautionary tale of so-called market-based reform efforts. Peter Cook says the RSD isn’t really a market-based model: There are high “barriers to entry” for charter school operators; competition doesn’t force low-performing schools out […]

New Orleans Schools: Then and Now

In honor of the 9 year anniversary of Katrina, Danielle Dreilinger compiled a snapshot of New Orleans schools then and now. For those of you who were here before Katrina, it may bring back some interesting memories. For those of you who have moved here since the storm, thanks for being part of the recovery […]

In the News – Immigration Affects N.O. Schools

N.O. Unprepared for Immigrants New Orleans’ charter school system ill-prepared for jump in Central American immigrants Public schools in Orleans and Jefferson are facing an unprecedented wave of English-language learners (ELLs), resulting from the rise in immigration from Central American countries, with most students coming from Honduras. This year, an estimated 500 new immigrant students […]

In the News – Judge Rules Against Governor

Judge Rules Against Jindal on Common Core Common Core proponents scored a major victory today. A Baton Rouge judge found that Gov. Bobby Jindal caused “irreparable harm” to students and schools when he froze Louisiana’s testing vendor contract. The judge said the governor failed to produce any evidence that the Department of Education violated the law when […]

$2 Mil Grant Opportunity for N.O. Charters

GRANT OPPORTUNITY FOR CHARTER SCHOOLS LOCATED IN ORLEANS PARISH AND PARTICIPATING IN ONEAPP* BREAKTHROUGH SCHOOLS: NEW ORLEANS PERSONALIZED LEARNING $2 MILLION IN GRANTS AVAILABLE THIS SCHOOL YEAR Round One Proposals are due September 15, 2014. Winners will be announced in October. Personalized Learning (PL) seeks to accelerate student learning by tailoring the instructional environment – what, […]

In the News – Amazing Recovery

New Orleans in the News Amazing Recovery The Recovery School District is remarkable for the gains it has made in student and school performance and also for the fact that state and district leaders have been so willing to give up operational power. Government agencies typically mushroom in size, not downsize, but the RSD has […]

In the News – BESE is Suing the Governor

Common Core: What’s Happening Now? Yesterday, BESE voted to challenge Jindal on Common Core by joining a lawsuit filed by several parents and teachers from Orleans, Baton Rouge and Ascension parishes and the Choice Foundation charter group. This lawsuit claims that Jindal has overstepped constitutional boundaries in his fight with BESE over contracts and tests. The governor responded by filing […]

PAR Common Core Commentary

The Public Affairs Research Council released an excellent summary of the pending crisis in student testing and school accountability and the role Governor Bobby Jindal has played in this state-manufactured crisis. Leadership and Crisis in Education In the fight over Common Core, Louisiana state government is failing its citizens and the governor is chiefly responsible […]

In the News – Summer News Updates

News on High School Performance New Orleans high school exam results, graduation rate near state average Since Katrina, New Orleans has gone from having the worst public schools in the state to performing close to the state average on high school End of Course exams. Eighty-six percent of students passed their tests, and 61% met […]