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A Call to Action: Amend the School Choice Bill

Dear Legislator: Over the next two weeks, you will be asked to vote for the Choice Bill (HB 976 and SB 597), which will make over 350,000 public school students eligible for vouchers. Done well, it can change lives, giving students trapped in failing schools better educational opportunities and improving education statewide. Done poorly, it […]

In the News: A Clipping Service – March 19, 2012

In this edition of In the News: A Big Leap Forward Weighing in on the Legislative Agenda A How-To Guide for New Orleans-Style Reform Tougher Expulsion Policies Don’t Equal More Crime Charter Accountability National Education Stories Local News A Big Leap Forward The Big Easy’s Business Leap Forward The Wall Street Journal – March 16, […]

The Session Begins

Governor Jindal has made K-12 education reform the cornerstone of his legislative agenda. He is proposing sweeping changes – including expanding vouchers, creating more charter schools, and changing teacher tenure – that could radically alter the landscape of Louisiana education. This Wednesday the House Education Committee and this Thursday the Senate Education Committee will hear […]