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In the News: A Clipping Service – October 18, 2010

In this edition of In the News: Last Week to Win $1,000 for Your Favorite Public School Debate Continues on Return of New Orleans Schools Are Special Needs Children Being Served? What Works (and What Doesn’t) in Education Reform Looking at What’s Fair National Focus on New Orleans

News Alert: School Performance Scores are Out

New Orleans Schools Show Great Improvement The Louisiana Department of Education has just released the 2010 School Performance Scores (SPS) and District Performance Scores (DPS). So, how did New Orleans schools do in 2010?  1.  The percentage of failing schools continues to decline.

Myth 5: RSD Charters are not serving students with disabilities

Fact:  RSD charters are serving lots of students with disabilities and working to improve these services. In the 2009-10 school year, the 36 RSD charters enrolled 1,228 students with disabilities, falling just short of enrolling their “fair share” of special needs children by 76 students.

Myth 4: If a school kept its name, it must be the same.

Fact:  For many schools, only the name is the same. Comparing the performance of individual New Orleans public schools with the same name pre- and post-Katrina is not a valid analysis. Why? We shuffled the deck. Schools with the same name may: be in a different location have different grade configurations no longer serve the […]

Myth 3: Student test scores were improving before the storm at the same rate they are now.

Fact:  Since the state takeover, student improvement has more than doubled! Educate Now! compared the percent of students Basic or above in math and English on the 4th and 8th grade LEAP and the 10th grade GEE tests for 2000, 2005 and 2010.* (For other grades the state changed the tests, so we can’t compare […]

Myth 2: Schools aren’t much better since the state takeover

Fact:  Schools are doing significantly better than before the storm. Let’s compare pre-Katrina spring 2005 to now – fall 2010: